Gold breatmilk keepsake ring on a red peony

The First Ring

The ring that started it all! Named after my sweet and handsome Husband, Ezekiel, who helped me kick off this pipe dream into a full blown business 🥰

Our anniversary is July 27th, the day before my birthday. I had been talking about wanting to start making breastmilk jewelry for months. But I had so many fears, questions, and doubts about starting AND running my own business. What if no one liked them? What if no one trusted me with their inclusions? What if no one wanted to pay my prices? What if I mess up someone's order? All these "what ifs" held me back and kept me from pursuing something that I have grown such a strong passion for.  

Not to mention I was spending every moment of my life working for someone else or stressing over school work. I was enrolled in a degree program with plans of *some day* becoming a Holistic Doctor. Let me just say, I hate school. I did as a child, a teen, and even more as an adult. Trying to do online classes, work, be a good mother and wife, and keep a clean home was ruining my health faster than I could even fathom.

I do plan to go back eventually and become the Dr. "little me" always dreamed of being. But for now, I am enjoying this unexpected twist that allows me to make my own schedule, focus on my children, and be home when my husband is home.  So whether it was to get me to shut up or because he really believed in my plans, for our 2nd wedding anniversary/my 24th bday Zeke gifted me all the things I would need to make my first DNA keepsakes! 

I had no idea what I was doing. I watched countless hours of videos, read articles, and practiced, practiced, practiced. This was the very first ring I ever made, and while it is far from perfect, it was made with all the love in my heart ❤ 

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